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A number of countries and ethnicities use wedding rings as a part of their wedding ceremony. This article talks about a few of the traditions all over the world.

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Wedding ceremonies change from country to country, however, many places use wedding rings as part of the marriage ceremony. Here we can look at a few of the wedding traditions from several countries.

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The finger which the wedding wedding ring is worn varies depending on the country’s traditions

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The finger on which the wedding wedding ring is worn varies from country to country, some placing the wedding ring on the right diamond ring finger while others placing the engagement ring on the remaining ring finger. In a few countries the hands on which the diamond ring is worn can change before and after the ceremony. For instance in Greece, the couple wear the band on the kept hand until after the wedding ceremony when they are used in the right palm. In some European countries, the gemstone also provides as the marriage ring which is engraved following the wedding. Some people choose to wear the engagement ring on the right side diamond ring finger and the marriage band on the kept hand engagement ring finger. This can help to prevent damage to the rings caused by them rubbing together.

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The Romans considered the marriage diamond ring to be the last in some gifts

The Romans assumed in giving a series of presents to the bride-to-be, and the ultimate present of the series was the wedding ring. The gemstone could also be one of the group of gifts.

Some recently-introduced practices include the trilogy ring, the eternity ring and the pre-engagement band

The trilogy ring usually involves three separate diamond jewelry which symbolize the couple’s past, present and future. The eternity wedding ring symbolizes a long relationship, and the pre-engagement engagement ring may also be given whenever a relationship becomes much more serious.

In Britain, the ‘Best Man’ is in charge of looking after the marriage rings through the ceremony

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The Best Man’s task during the wedding ceremony is to provide for the bride-to-be and groom’s wedding rings before area of the ceremony where the rings are exchanged. Some marriages will have a wedding ring bearer who carries the rings over a cushion.

It really is interesting to notice that despite some small variations in the way they are worn or exchanged in the marriage ceremony, that many countries use rings within the wedding ceremony. We might have more in common with people from other countries than we understand.

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